Privacy Policy

File description by virtue of Personal Data Act (523/1999, section 10)
Document modified and published 1.9.2015

  1. Name and address of the register controller :

    Ceverte Oy (2568745-1)

  2. Contact person in matters relating to the register : / customer service ( )

  3. Name of register : / customer register

  4. Purpose of use :

    The purpose of the register is to maintain relationships among the registered customers of the, marketing and service development. Information in the register could be used to maintain relationships and marketing purposes by all organizations related to / service.

    Data mentioned in the data content and company-specific purchase information could be processed in the register.

    Purchase data at the product level could be processed also customer-specificly to produce the service customer has separately taken into use.

    The data subject has the right to inspect what information he has in the register. The inspection request must be done in written form by contacting customer service. The inspection request must be signed. The data subject has the right to prohibit his data processing and delivery of direct advertising, distance selling and direct marketing for marketing and opinion research in connection / customer service.

  5. Data contained in the register :

    The following customer information could be processed in the register.

    Basic information:
    First name, Surname, address, email address, phone number, date of birth, gender, nationality.

    Company-specific information :
    Customer-specific purchasing data at the product level, if the customer has taken in use service where that kind of information is needed to produce the service. Purchases and ordered some other customer relationship services, such as customer history, accessing services and product history.

  6. Source of information:

    The information for the register is gained when the customer connects customer register for the organisations, which are in the concept.
    Information is gathered from customer’s registrations and notifications during the relationship. Customer register information is stored on the basis of the changes made by customer, when the customer login as well as his creation, editing or removing information.

  7. Information disclosure :

    Information may be disclosed to the extent permitted by the legislation in force and the limits set.

  8. Transfers of information outside the EU and the EEA :

    Information will not be transferred outside the EU and the EEA.

  9. Protection of the register :
    • Manual data

      Manual data will not be created from customer register.

    • Digitally stored data

      Only certain Ceverte Oy’s employee’s, or Ceverte Oy’s commissioned and acting on behalf of employees are set up to use and maintain the whole customer register. Each defined user has their own personal username and password, as well as to professional secrecy. Each company, which belongs to the service, has access only to its own customer register.
      The system is encrypted and protected by a firewall preventing access to third-party systems and data to ensure the preservation of backup.