Our story began on that day, when we noticed how many companies continue to spend time and money to re-invent the wheel again. There are lots of ready-made solutions in the world, but where and how to find them? How we can help solutions seekers to find solutions and ready-made solution providers to offer them? We decided to do something about it and we came up with the Service. The Service is a marketplace, publishing platform, a meeting point for…

Solution acquirement is easy, because a single search finds a number of results. It is possible to search on the basis of the industry, the interests and words. At the Service organizations and associations can offer their solutions, each independently. All activities at the Service increase visibility, and the entire user base will benefit. Our policy is simple; through the Service solutions and solution seekers find each other.

Monetizing means that existing ready-made solutions should be published, and give ready-made solution seekers opportunity to find them. Organizations and associations have several ready-made or proven solutions that others could benefit from and the solution provider can get a return. It is known, that they work well and have been tested in practice. However, a broader customer base doesn’t know anything about them. We wanted that the Service enables international visibility.

Solution management is done through the account at the Service. Solution provider can manage his solutions as he wants through the own account. The solutions can be stored in the Service, price, put up for sale and withdrawn from sale. Version control is easy the customer always sees the latest version. The solution seeker has his own account, through which he can first acquire solutions and then take them into use. The service provider can see through the Service who acquired the solution.

Our role is to help when it is needed. We take care that everything works. We market the Service, we present the Service, we support in the acquisition of the solutions and help in publishing. We listen suggestions for improvement and development ideas with pleasure, because we want to improve the Service continuously.