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Promote and sell your digital content to international audience. We will promote you and all of the publishers on This way we can all benefit from the marketing push. You can also promote the service or your self as a publisher. Our goal is that the service and service's publishers will benefit together from all marketing done to the service or to the service's publishers . is a new kind of a service created upon dawn of the digital age. We offer Shop-in-Shop environment with a twist and great community from which we all can benefit.

Monetise your solutions and your methods. For years you have been developing your methods and solutions. The next logical step is to monetise your methods and solutions. Sellable digital content could be things like documents, videos, drawings, templates, drafts, pictures, guides... anything digital. We will help you to promote and sell your digital content.

Manage your digital content We will collect statistics for you so you can see how is your digital shop doing. You can set any value to your digital content and you can also sell it for free. Be a frontrunner in the digital age. Make the most of the distribution channel that we are offering to you.

Publish on the service for a small price of  29,90 € / Month (inc. VAT. 24%)

  • 3 Months for free, you can cancel your subscription anytime.
  • You can keep over 80% of sales amount

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