Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ

The purchase of materials

  1. How can I buy documents?
    1. You must to create a new account before you can buy documents or any other materials.
  2. What are the payment methods that I can use?
    1. There is the most common online banking. You can also use your credit card.
  3. Could I rent a license to document or do I always have to buy?
    1. You can rent a license, if owner of the material has made that option available.
  4. How I get my money back, if I am not happy with document I bought?
    1. This must be negotiated and agreed with the owner of the material.
  5. How can I take the documents advantage?
    1. You can take the documents advantage by yourself or your company. The commercial use for the document is prohibited unless the owner of the material allows it.
  6. Can I resell the document I bought?
    1. Commercial use for the document is prohibited unless the owner of the material allows it.
  7. Where can I get assistance, if I don’t know how to use the document?
    1. You can contact the owner of the material, who has published the document and put it on sale.
  8. How can I give feedback of documents that I bought?
    1. You can give comments, stars or thumb the documents in web page at “management documents".
  9. if I am not satisfied, how can I make a reclamation?
    1. To make a reclamation, contact the owner of the material, who sold the document.

New account creation

  1. Why do I have to create an account?
    1. You need an account to manage and to acquire documents. Payments service requires that information.
  2. What about sharing my information forward?
    1. Your information is stored in our client registry and can be shared only for marketing purposes with the companies that publish material in the service.
  3. When I want to buy, how I create an account?
    1. You can create an account when you select “Create new account” from Login menu. There you will need to fill some information that the service needs in order to create an account, then press green Register button to create a new account. Finally, you will get an email with account confirmation link, press it to confirm your account and your account will be ready for use.
  4. If I forgot my password, how I can reset it?
    1. You can reset in Login menu “Forgot password”. Input email address of an account you would like to reset password.

Manage documents

  1. Where can I find the documents I bought?
    1. Documents you bought are easily found in “Manage documents” section on your account page.
  2. If I download to the service my own documents, which are not on sale. How much I have a disk space in use?
    1. The services disk space is not limited per user
  3. Can I give viewing rights to the document, for example, for our company’s employees?
    1. You can add members to your company account in Roles and member’s menu in your account. In addition, you can share documents by using share functionality inside the system.
  4. How the backup is taken care of
    1. The services data is backed up several times a day.

Selling documents

  1. Who can sell the documents in the service?
    1. The seller has to be a company, association or similar with reqistered VAT-ID.
  2. In what form the documents can be on sale? Can I sell for example training videos or drawings made with CAD software?
    1. Documents can be in any form and in any file format
  3. What is the maximum file size for documents on sale?
    1. The service does not set a specific limit for the file size. It would be desirable that the image file sizes should be less than 1 MB and document file sizes should be less than 15 MB
  4. Can I set my materials for sale in the service for free?
    1. You can sell materials also for free.
  5. How many documents I can download to the service for sale?
    1. There is no limitation.
  6. Who decides the price for the materials?
    1. Price is decided by owner or seller of the material. Material can be sold free or purchaceable. Minimum price for purchaceable material is 1 €.
  7. Can I limit the geographical area of the products that I sell?
    1. Only the language restricts
  8. How much I have to pay sales commission to the service provider, when I sell the materials?
    1. Sales commission is 15% + 0,5 € handling fee / transaction
  9. When you will sale, every transaction creates a record in your account.
    1. Payments will be paid to your account. Delay in normal bank transaction up to 2 working days, in credit card transactions up to 10 working days.
  10. How the sales will be accounted to me?
    1. Payment service provider (Paytrail or Checkout) will take care of the accounting to banking account you have provided.
  11. How are the taxes of the materials I sell? Who pays the taxes?
    1. Taxing is based on finish taxation laws.
  12. How can I get information about who bought my documents?
    1. You can see the information in the Sold documents -section at the “Manage documents” page.
  13. Can I remove documents that are for to sale?
    1. You can remove documents through “Manage documents” at the service.


  1. How secure the service is?
    1. The system uses SSL- protocol, so the traffic between the system and the user is encrypted. The system uses internally strong cryptography to encrypt documents.
  2. How do we backup the system?
    1. Backup is taken three times per day. Retentio period for each backup is 90 days.